Political Storm in West Bengal: Suvendu Adhikari Suspended Winter Session Assembly

PoliticsPolitical Storm in West Bengal: Suvendu Adhikari Suspended Winter Session Assembly


The MLA and Lop ( leader of the opposition) of BJP, Suvendu Adhikari, was suspended from the winter session assembly on Tuesday. He was suspended for the entire session of the West Bengal assembly because of his objections to Speaker Biman Banerjee. He was suspended by discussion in the West Bengal assembly on Constitution Day. 

How did Suvendu Adhikari suspend?

Under Rule 169, a constitution was discussed in a meeting that was on “ the constitution of the country was under hazard.” The instructions were issued by the Speaker to expunge the statement from the assembly, and it was led by the MLA of BJP, Suvendu Adhikari. But he did not follow; he went down and raised slogans against Banerjee.

Later, TMC MLA Tapas Ray started the movement against Suvendu and demanded his suspension from the House, which the Speaker agreed to.

Why is Suvendu suspended?

“Suvendu Adhikari has been suspended for the complete uselesss consultation for the usage of objectionable phrases and gestures toward the Speaker’s Chair,” West Bengal parliamentary affairs minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay stated.

On his suspension, Suvendu stated: “…The Public Accounts Committee chairman was nominated with the help of TMC-supported legislature. The Speaker, the House, and the ruling party omitted the legitimate call for and nominated Mukul Roy. 

On this, the Speaker stated that Mukul Roy, in line with the document of the assembly, is a member of the BJP… Our MLA, Dr. Shankar Ghosh, raised this factor only… We raised our voices at the ground of the residence, and we commenced shouting slogans. We are aggrieved. For that purpose, we walked out of the residence.”

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The BJP legislature party has dubbed the Suvendu’s suspension as “unconstitutional” and staged a walk-out from the House. Suvendu said that the Speaker and the ruling party are working in an unconstitutional way. 

What BJP plans further against the Speaker 

When the Speaker suspended the suvendu, he said that they were working in an unconstitutional way and walked out of the assembly session. This gesture was responsible for his suspension. Further, he also said that there is no sense in participating in such discussions on Constitution Day if you do not hear the voice of the opposition. I say the name of provision and constitution norms continuously, but no one heard, he said. 

It is not the 1st time when any leader of the BJP was suspended because of not attending the assembly session. Last year, in March, Adhikari and four other MLAs of the BJP were suspended from the House.

So, after suspension, the BJP is planning to transport a ‘no confidence movement’ in opposition to the Speaker at some stage in the ongoing consultation. During the discussion, BJP MLA Sankar Ghosh wondered how MLAs who defected from the BJP were still protecting their posts without resigning as MLAs.


On Tuesday, the Speaker of the West Bengal legislative assembly suspended the BJP leader, Suvendu Adhikari. The suspension took place on Tuesday, constitution Day. The Speaker suspended him for the entire assembly session because he put objections against him.

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