Who is Pratap Simha, the BJP lawmaker who let trespassers into the Lok Sabha? His remarks

NewsWho is Pratap Simha, the BJP lawmaker who let trespassers into the...


The Bharatiya Janata Party member Pratap Simha claimed ignorance of the intruders’ identities while speaking with the Lok Sabha Speaker.

On Wednesday, Sagar and Manoranjan D jumped from the visitors’ gallery into the Lok Sabha, a serious security violation in Parliament. A BJP lawmaker from Mysuru named Pratap Simha granted them permission. The individuals getting these passes must be personally known to the members of parliament, who must affirm under oath. When the assailants’ possession of a visitors’ pass revealed his name, Pratap Simha came under fire. He notified the Lok Sabha Speaker that one of the invaders’ dads was a constituent of his and had sought permission to visit, but he chose not to publicly address their link.

The 2014 Lok Sabha election was Pratap Simha’s political debut; he is now a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and a former journalist.

When asked for more details on the invaders, Pratap Simha informed the Speaker that he was out of information. In order to get the visitor’s visa for himself and his buddy Sagar, one of them, Manoranjan D., was in constant contact with Simha’s personal assistant.

Who is Prapti Simha?

  1. Pratap Simha, a 47-year-old BJP MP, represents Mysore-Kodagu in the Lok Sabha. A popular BJP lawmaker in Mysuru, he won two terms in the Lok Sabha (2014 and 2019).
  2. The journalist-turned-politician first ran for office in 2014 after working with Kannada Prabha.
  3. Thirdly, in 2015, Pratap Simha became a member of the Press Council of India.
  4. Pratap Simha, a nationalist Hindu, was against the government’s intention to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s birthday, saying that the Sultan should just be a role model for Islamists.
  5. When asked about the hazards of stray dogs, Pratap Simha responded that dog owners would realize the severity of the problem when their children were bitten. This statement enraged animal rights advocates earlier this year. He was in favor of the ruthless culling of stray dogs. Activists for animal rights block our actions. As soon as stray dogs attack people’s children, problems start to emerge. The lawmaker said that feeding strays was not a substantial social service since it would not help anyone.
  6. Pratap Simha once again made a controversial statement about dome-shaped bus stations, expressing his desire to have them destroyed because they look too much like mosques. I have seen what seems to be a trio of gumbaz-like structures at bus shelters: a centrally located huge gumbaz flanked by two smaller ones. Simply said, it is a masjid. The engineers are tasked with removing these shelters. If JCB did not cooperate, Pratap Simha vowed to come after them.

Members of parliament often approve such requests submitted by their people, according to Pratap Simha’s office. Hours subsequent to the security breach, at about 6:15pm on Wednesday, Pratap Simha uploaded a photo from Monday showcasing Vidyavardhaka College political science students. The intended purpose of the photo was probably to demonstrate how lawmakers deal with several admission requests.

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