The New Delhi Declaration Sets the Course for Inclusive AI Summit Collaboration

NewsThe New Delhi Declaration Sets the Course for Inclusive AI Summit Collaboration


What is the New Delhi declaration on AI? Following the various deliberation hours, the representatives of 28 countries and Union European adopted the “New Delhi Declaration” of global partnership on GPAI and G-Pay artificial intelligence. This time, India will host the summit and chair the GPAI grouping in 2024. This declaration affirms the commitment of countries to principles for the responsibility of trustworthy AI that is rooted in human rights and democratic values. It promotes sustainable, responsible and human-centred AI use. 

What is GPAI 

GPAI is a grouping of nations in Europe, North, East Asia and South America that strives to work toward “sincere deployment, development and use of AI”. PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the main day of the AI summit. 

Where the AI summit held

The AI summit was held in Japan, and that’s the outgoing chair of GPAI. “It has been said by Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar that we agree to GPAI, and keep consistent with values of international locations, include Global South, and make benefits of AI to people.  This is way that how they inspire people to use AI after declaration. 

The preceding AI summit had taken place before the recognition of ChatGPT, and the excitement around AI grew exponentially, Mr. Chandrasekhar mentioned. The Delhi assertion commits to countries working on resolving issues around misinformation and disinformation, unemployment, lack of transparency and fairness, protection of highbrow assets and private statistics, and threats to human rights and democratic values.

Best possible solutions 

“We speak to OECD source pool to get power to come with best solutions for governance and installation of AI for betterment of humans,” Digital Transition and Tele communication’s France Minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, advised reporters. 

“We especially think GPAI ought to be more inclusive in order that we inspire more growing countries to join,” stated the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Hiroshi Yoshida, and vice minister of Japan. “It include the center profits and lower countries in middle of GPAI challenge, he said and add statement in GPAI committee,” Mr Chandrasekhar said, adding that Senegal has joined the GPAI steering committee.

A statement was goes to contribution of India to become part of agricultural AI agenda. Moreover, it consists the Innovation of AI to helps sustainable agriculture as new thematic process of GPAI, as per declaration. 

The statement agreed to collaboratively expand AI programs in healthcare and agriculture, as well as along with the needs of the Global South in the development of AI. Further, the declaration also noticed the international locations agreed upon the use of the GPAI platform to create a worldwide AI network on belief and protection and make AI answers and advantages to be had for all.


On Wednesday, the GPAI, Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit, a congregation of 29 member nations, including the European Union, introduced the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration, as per Union Minister of State for Records Generation (IT) Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

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