The Voice of the Global South Summit II will take place in India on Saturday

NewsThe Voice of the Global South Summit II will take place in...


On Friday, India will host the second Voice of the Global South Summit (VOGSS), demonstrating its dedication to fostering a unified and progressive stance among developing nations. Increasing cooperation in the Global South and addressing urgent global problems are at the heart of this virtual conference.

The issues posed by emerging global trends and possible measures to ensure a more equitable international order will be discussed over ten sessions during the summit, according to MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

You may attend the ministerial meetings online at 4 o’clock to see the opening speeches. The energy, health, and commerce minister will conduct lectures. Bagchi remarked, “And then at 6:30, there will be a more extensive session, again a concluding session.

In answer to a question regarding which leaders had accepted invitations to the Voice of the Global South virtual summit, he said, “I rarely comment on the participation of leaders for virtual Summit.” Please allow me to not jump to conclusions. Many people will write in to give you the latest ones out there.

In-depth debate between 125 countries from the Global South was modeled in the first summit conducted this year. Successfully affecting the agenda of India’s G20 Presidency, the summit’s focus on ‘Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose’ indicates the possible influence of the next meeting.

The second VOGSS will begin with an introductory session hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sessions with names like “Together, for Everyone’s Growth, with Everyone’s Trust” stress the need to rely on one another and work together to better the world.

The following eight ministerial sessions will discuss foreign policy, education, finances, the environment, energy, health, and business, showcasing the summit’s all-encompassing approach to global concerns.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs said on Wednesday that the second Voice of the Global South Summit would concentrate on “sharing with countries of the Global South the key outcomes achieved in various G20 meetings” while India holds the presidency of the G20. This announcement was made when India was in the middle of its term as G20 president.

In addition to that, “the challenges posed by global developments are also likely to be discussed,” according to the statement that was released. 

The MEA has previously said that India has made significant efforts during its G20 Presidency to ensure that the needs and priorities of countries in the Global South are included in the search for long-term solutions to global problems.

Under the 2nd VOGSS, India will discuss with countries of the Global South the key accomplishments accomplished across several G20 meetings under India’s Presidency. The challenges posed by global tendencies are also likely to be emphasized. 

The Centre asserts that the VOGSS facilitates collaborative actions for a more fair and democratic international order and provides a place for distributing information on G20 meetings to the Global South.

The summit’s consideration of pressing global topics, including regional geopolitical difficulties, will represent its holistic and sophisticated approach to international relations. These interactions are vital for acquiring complete knowledge of the problems affecting the Global South and coming up with joint solutions.

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