Do you want to manage your anxiety and loneliness? Go for poetry, which advises the study

HealthDo you want to manage your anxiety and loneliness? Go for poetry,...


According to a recent study, poetry can be beneficial to the people experiencing typical mental health symptoms as well as those who have recently lost their loved ones. A recent study found that reading, creating, and sharing poetry can help people in a better way to control their feelings of hopelessness and isolation, as well as it lessens their symptoms of anxiety.

The University of Plymouth and Nottingham Trent University conducted a study supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council which found that many individuals who used poetry during the COVID-19 pandemic saw a discernible improvement in their mental wellbeing.

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Result came from an experiment done on 400-persons, suggesting that poetry can benefit people experiencing typical mental health symptoms as well as those who have recently lost someone.

Thirty-four percent said they felt less anxious after using the poetry websites, twenty-five percent said they felt they are more capable of handling their problems; seventeen percent said it helped them deal with grieving problems; and sixteen percent said it helped with ongoing behavioral health symptoms.

According to the Principal Investigator Anthony Caleshu, a professor of poetry and creative writing at the University of Plymouth, these findings show the significant magic of poetry on human well-being. Participating in the website’s activities like writing and reading poetry during the COVID-19 pandemic significantly improved people’s well-being.

Apart from aiding in a positive way to their physical and mental health, the website provided information on social and cultural recuperation and provided insight into the usage of poetry as a discourse medium throughout the pandemic. Now it offers a historical archive of the ways in which English-language poetry was employed by people to get through the crisis on a global scale.

Someone else wrote: I would like to submit some poetry about the recent COVID-19-related death of my father. I want to convey some of the contradictory feelings that have been plaguing me since many promising vaccines were announced so soon after his passing. In addition to giving hope to those who are alone and waiting for loved ones to come back home, I hope the piece will resonate with other people who have lost loved ones. It is my first-time creating poetry.

It is likely that connecting poetry to a community-building platform—in this instance has had an especially beneficial impact on the connection between poetry and wellbeing because it is a way of carrying people together, the ice now has been broken, according to co-investigator Dr. Rory Waterman who is Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary Literature at Nottingham Trent University.

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It is also conceivable that additional types of expressive and creative writing, such as searching for the right words to describe a situation or experience and then exchanging them with others, have a similar beneficial effect on people’s health. The potential of the broader arts, such as the performing and visual arts, is probably similar.

This study demonstrates how creativity can offer individuals outlets to work at making sense of expertise, which, when combined with the chance for safe and encouraging clarification and the purpose of discussion, can help people experience challenging situations and circumstances.

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