Meet Naveen Krishna Rai, a man who, at the age of 21, adopted a village

NewsMeet Naveen Krishna Rai, a man who, at the age of 21,...


Naveen, who is thirty years old, has experience in the executive, legislative, judicial, and media branches of democracy. At the age of 21, he became the adoptive father of a village. While we may not be familiar with him, the people of Birpur village in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, consider Naveen Krishna Rai to be a living embodiment of a hero. Because of him, Birpur has become well-known worldwide, and the district’s name has risen dramatically on the Indian map. Naveen is currently IIM Indore’s Manager of Government Affairs and Business Development. Nonetheless, Naveen’s notoriety stems from the pursuit he made in his hometown. Numerous organizations have helped him because of his work, including IIM Indore, where he currently works.

Childhood in Ghazipur’s Birpur

Despite early obstacles, Naveen Krishna Rai accomplished remarkable success at a young age. His story, which began in Birpur, Ghazipur, is one of tenacity and willpower.

Journey into Education

Naveen was raised by a single mother after losing his sergeant father a few months before he was born. His pursuit of education became a pillar of his life. Getting accepted into Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Prayagraj gave him access to a top-notch education through the twelfth grade. Later on, he attended Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology in Gorakhpur to pursue a B.Tech. degree.

Getting Started in Social Work

Naveen first became involved in social work during his B.Tech. studies, when he became very interested in the field. Under the direction of IAS Ranjan Kumar, the Gorakhpur district’s then DM, he launched the Rural Youth Leadership Program in 2015 to develop the leadership abilities of young people living in the district’s rural areas.

Taking in the Village of Motiram Adda

Commissioner P. Guruprasad and Naveen worked together to adopt the Motiram Adda Village in the Khorabar block. They continued the development of the village by working to increase public awareness of government initiatives.

Function as a Management Coach

Naveen became a prominent figure in teaching management to government officers despite not having a formal management degree. Because of his experience, he was able to train judges and officers in a variety of state training academies, including those for the police, judicial services, and paramilitary forces, on management-related topics.

Effective management education

Naveen has made a significant contribution by training thousands of officers in the IRS, Central Reserve Force, State Police Service, and Administrative Service in management.

Positions of Advice in Government Committees

Naveen is nominated to serve as a member of numerous state government committees because of his knowledge and experience. His knowledge of the management field helps to shape strategies and policies. The life story of Naveen Krishna Rai includes her early hardships,  academic success, significant social work, her role in management training, and her advisory roles in government committees.

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