India’s first medium-altitude, long-durance drone is unveiled by Adani Group

NewsIndia’s first medium-altitude, long-durance drone is unveiled by Adani Group


The first-ever Drishti 10 ‘Starline’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for the Navy was flagged off today by Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R. Hari Kumar. Modern, high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a major step forward in technological leadership and strategic autonomy in high-end, combat-tested, indigenous advanced aerial systems. The Drishti 10 ‘Starline’ is a cutting-edge intelligent surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) platform that can fly in both segregated and unsegregated airspace. It has a 450 kg payload capacity and a 36-hour endurance. It is the only military platform certified under STANAG 4671 and is suitable for all weather conditions. In India’s pursuit of maritime supremacy and self-reliance in ISR technology, this is a historic moment and a turning point.

Adani Group has proven its dedication to the autonomous system by diligently working over the past several years to build local capacities for both manufacturing and maintenance and repair (MRO). Admiral R. Hari Kumar stated that the incorporation of Drishti 10 into our naval operations will improve our naval capabilities and fortify our readiness for constantly changing maritime surveillance and reconnaissance. The flag-off ceremony was held at Hydrrabad’s Adani Aerospace Park.

To support the Army and other multinational forces, Adani Defence and Aerospace have already established capabilities in a wide range of areas, including small arms, unmanned aerial vehicles and radar defense.

In order to guarantee safety and airworthiness in accordance with international standards, Adani Defence has built India’s first unmanned vehicle manufacturing facility, the country’s first small arms manufacturing facility in the private sector, and it is currently establishing India’s first comprehensive aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility. Adani Defense is developing counter-drone systems for both military and civilian applications in response to the growing threat posed by rogue drones.

Adani Defense is well-positioned to integrate larger platforms thanks to its extensive ecosystem of Tier1 and Tier2 capabilities across the defense supply chain.

The orders for the Drishti 10 Starline were obtained by the Adani Group’s Defense and Aerospace division in October 2023. Elbit’s Hermes 900 MALE (Medium Altitude Long Range) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is called “Drishti 10.” The UAVs high degree of autonomy, mission effectiveness, and multiple payload configuration points are among its salient features.

Recent geopolitical events, according to Jeet Adani, vice president of Adani Enterprises, have strengthened the convergence of physical, informational, and cognitive tactics supported by intelligence, information processing capabilities, and the use of unmanned and cyber systems for the spread of false information.


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