The UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting will be hosted by India

NewsThe UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting will be hosted by India


The goal of UNESCO, a specialized organization under the UN, is to promote world peace. India is set to chair and host the UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in New Delhi from July 21 to July 31, according to a historic development announced on Tuesday by Vishal V. Sharma, India’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO. This is a historic moment because it is the first time a nation has led and hosted an esteemed committee. This event offers a unique chance to present India’s rich cultural heritage to a global audience and establishes New Delhi as the global hub for discussions on culture and historical heritage preservation.

According to UNESCO’s official statement, the World Heritage Committee decided to hold its 46th session in India during its 19th extraordinary session (UNESCO, 2023). The 46th session of the World Heritage Committee will be held in New Delhi from July 21 to July 31, 2024, as per the announcement by UNESCO. This decision was made in response to a proposal by the Indian State Party authorities and after consulting with the Director-General of UNESCO. Through cooperative efforts in education, science, arts, and culture, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Culture Organizational Specialization UN agency works to promote world peace and national security.

The important UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting is held once a year and is attended by representatives of 21 member states. Its main purpose is to make a substantial contribution to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list expansion, emphasizing the value of international cooperation in the preservation of culture and natural treasure.

UNESCO’s Function

Around the world, cultural and natural landmarks are safeguarded and promoted by the UNESCO Committee on World Heritage. This committee, which was founded in 1972 in accordance with the World Heritage Convention, is managed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its main goal is to locate, protect, and honor locations with exceptional universal value. The five Cs form the foundation of the World Heritage Convention’s goals:


The panel enhances the World Heritage List’s credibility. “Testimony of cultural and natural properties of outstanding universal values” is balanced geographically.


A significant part of making sure that each site’s World Heritage properties are effectively conserved is the UNESCO wing.

Building capacity

It encourages practical capacity-building strategies. It helps with the process of getting ready to nominate properties for the World Heritage List. This aids in comprehending and putting into practice the World Heritage Convention and its supporting documents.


Improving public awareness is one of the main goals of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Through communication, this promotes public participation and helps secure support for World Heritage sites.


Establishing relationships with society is an additional objective of the UNESCO wing. These facilities are the result of the World Heritage Convention’s effective execution.

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