Explosion at Bundelkhand Gaurav Mahotsav in Chitrakoot claims four lives

NewsExplosion at Bundelkhand Gaurav Mahotsav in Chitrakoot claims four lives


Two blast victims were blown to pieces and died instantly; the other two were gravely injured and eventually passed away, terrible fallout from the explosion. During the second day of the two-day Bundelkhand Gaurav Mahotsav in Chitrakoot on Wednesday afternoon, a major explosion occurred in the instruments meant for the display of firecrackers, resulting in the deaths of four teenagers, according to senior police and administrative officials. Police reported that the deceased were all between the ages of 13 and 18. Out of the four individuals affected by the blast, two perished instantly as a result of the explosion’s force, while the other two sustained severe injuries that ultimately led to their demise.

A high-level inquiry committee led by a rank officer additional director general (ADG) was tasked by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath with looking into the incident. Additionally, he declared Rs 5,000 ex gratia for the departed person’s family and Rs 5,000 for the injured.

In this regard, a formal complaint has been filed against Pankaj Jaat, Harsh Kamdar, and their associates, who own an entertainment company. The IPC sections under which the FIR was filed included 304 for culpable homicide. Bhanu Bhaskar, the Additional Director General (ADG) for the Kanpur Zone, announced that he had arrived to look into the cause of the explosion.                                                      Within three days, he said, the committee will turn over the investigation to the state government.

According to Arun Kumar Singh, the superintendent of police (SP) for Chitrakoot, the incident took place at the Mahotsav grounds, which is owned by the Chitrakoot Inter College. He said that since it was the last day of the Mahotsav, a green cracker display was planned for the evening, after which the crackers would be set up in a special device designed to burst behind the stage.

According to him, the blast was so powerful that human body parts were recovered from the terrace of a two-story school building and scattered about 100 meters from the blast site.

According to a second local police officer, there was a blast that occurred at 3:10 PM and the sound of it could be heard kilometers above the ground. To evacuate the injured, a rescue team and bomb disposal squad, along with senior officials like Ajay Kumar Singh, the deputy inspector general of Chitrakoot Dham Range, Chitrakoot DM Abhishek Anand, and SP Arun Kumar Singh, hurried to the scene.

Initially, Chitrakoot   DM Abhishek Anand had confirmed that two people had passed away immediately and that two more had suffered serious injuries. He had stated that Prayagraj Medical College has been notified of the injuries. He said that no students were inside the school building when the explosion occurred, and the forensic and police team had cordoned off the entire area while they attempted to determine what caused the explosion.

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