Delhi HC Urgue EC to Address Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Pickpockets’ Remark Against PM Modi

NewsDelhi HC Urgue EC to Address Rahul Gandhi's 'Pickpockets' Remark Against PM...


The Delhi High Court directed the Election Commission of India to take action against Congress <P, Rahul Gandhi for calling PM Modi a pickpocket. Along with PM Modi, he also calls businessman Gautam Adani and Home Minister Amit Shah pickpockets. These statements are not considered good in accordance with the law, so the court decides to take action against them. Though the statements aren’t in a good state, the election commission makes decisions not to keep this problem pending. The problem is disposed of,” the court said in the order. 

HC takes action against Rahul Gandhi. 

The court directed action in opposition to Gandhi after being informed that even though ECI had issued a note to him on November 23 and had stated it would take action towards him in case he did no longer respond earlier than November 26, he did not respond. The court, but, failed to specify what action the poll panel have to take towards Gandhi.

What Election Commission notice against Rahul Gandhi

Last month, the Election Commission issued a show-purpose be aware to Gandhi on November 23 over his ‘panauti and pickpocket’ words to PM Modi. It had also asked him to respond before November 26. The BJP had stated it was “unbecoming” of a “very senior leader” to use such language. 

The EC, in its be aware, had reminded Gandhi that according to the Model Code of Conduct, leaders had been not allowed to make unverified allegations in opposition to political opponents. In its criticism of the Election Commission, the BJP had stated Gandhi’s allegation that its government granted waivers to industrialists of ₹14,00,000 crore wasn’t “borne out of facts.”

Election Commission Aware Rahul Gandhi 

While complaining, the the Election Commission had invoked the Supreme Court’s observation that the proper to reputation was taken into consideration to be an inextricable part of the proper to life protected by Article 21.

“Accordingly, you’re requested to provide your clarification at the allegation made and to reveal causes as to why movement, as deemed suit for alleged violation of Model Code of Conduct and relevant penal provisions, is not initiated via the commission. Your respond, if any, will be reached with the aid of 6.00 pm of November 25. If no response is received by way of then, a movement deemed in shape will be taken by way of the commission,” the awareness added.


The Delhi High Court has directed the Election Commission of India to behave in opposition to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in “accordance with law” for calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and businessman Gautam Adani ‘pickpockets.’ Delhi High Court was listening to a PIL seeking action against Rahul Gandhi for calling PM Narendra Modi at the rally. Observing that the statements have been now not in right state, the court gave the time of 8 weeks to him to give clarification or aware him, that if he do not clarify it, they take action against it.

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