Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalized in Karachi because of poisoned- Know the truth behind it

NewsDawood Ibrahim Hospitalized in Karachi because of poisoned- Know the truth behind...


On Monday, Dawood Ibrahim, Underworld Don, was hospitalized in Karachi, Pakistan, because of serious health issues. Many reports of media tell that Dawood Ibrahim was poisoned, but no confirmation has come yet. He was hospitalized in Karachi 2 days ago.

Dawood Ibrahim was Hospitalized under tight security 

 He is kept under tight security in the hospital, and patients on the same floor are there, as per sources. His close family and top hospital authorities are around Dawood Ibrahim and have access to the floor where he is admitted. 

Mumbai police continue to focus on their investigation and try to gather facts about his hospitalization and the reason behind it. They investigated his family and relatives, Sajid Wagle and Alishah Parkar. In January, Haseen Parker, son and sister of Dawood Ibrahim, told the news agency that the underworld don stayed in Pakistan Karachi after marrying for a second time. According to NIA, the chargesheet also refers to him, stating that he and his aides control the Karachi airport. 

About Dawood Ibrahim

1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind, and India’s maximum desired Dawood Ibrahim has reportedly been in Pakistan for decades. The devastating bombings resulted in the killing of over 250 people and left many injured.

Indian authorities have regularly said that they trust Ibrahim lives in Karachi’s upmarket Clifton place. But Pakistan has frequently denied his presence. In January 2023, his nephew informed the news agency that he had remarried in Pakistan and lived with his family in Karachi.

Family of Dawood Ibrahim

“The name of 2nd wife of Dawood Ibrahim is Pakistani pathan. Her name is Maizabin. He has 3 daughters Marukh (married to Junaid, son of Javed Miandad), Mehrin (married), and Maziya (single), and one son Mohin Nawaz (married),” Alishah Parkar, son of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar, stated in statement, which is a part of the charge sheet filed by means of the NIA in the case in November last year.

The D-Company has installed a special unit to strike terror in humans of India by way of attacking eminent personalities, which include political leaders and businesspersons, the probe employer in addition claimed.

Dawood Ibrahim and his crime team 

Dawood Ibrahim and his D-organisation still manipulate several criminal activities in Mumbai, which include trafficking drugs, arms, counterfeiting, and many others. The tenth edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is cited. The report additionally mentioned that the criminal outfit has sturdy links with global terrorist corporations, including al-Qaida. 

A former member of Dawood’s gang showed that Dawood was admitted to a hospital in Karachi due to severe illness; he was admitted to the health facility days in the past. He is kept under tight security, and nobody is allowed to visit the floor where he is admitted. Only officials and people close to the family can move there.


The underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has reportedly been hospitalized in Pakistan’s Karachi. Speculations advocate that he has been taken to hospital due to poisoning. Although Pakistan has no longer officially said anything about it,   The news only claimed that Dawood Ibrahim had been admitted to the hospital in Karachi. It is said that some unknown person has poisoned him. Due to this, Dawood has been admitted to the health facility.

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