Anubhav Dubey’s Story of Success as the Founder of “Chai Sutta Bar”

NewsAnubhav Dubey's Story of Success as the Founder of "Chai Sutta Bar"


Anubhav Dubey, an entrepreneur, started Chai Sutta Bar, one of the most well-known and quickly growing tea franchises in India. He was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh, and he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Tax Law and Taxation from Renaissance College of Commerce and Management.

Anubhav felt helpless and depressed after his disastrous CA exam result. The universe’s good intentions seemed to have vanished. Anubhav, on the other hand, was not the kind to back down easily.

In preparation for the UPSC exam, he set out to study. While he toiled, the vision of owning a successful business flashed before his eyes. The saying goes, “there’s always something better waiting for you,” and it’s obvious that his perfect future held something quite different.

His nature was to perform extraordinary things, something no one else would ever dream of doing. After mustering up the courage to cut ties with UPSC, you may now identify him as the mastermind behind Chai Sutta Bar (CSB).

Neither Anubhav nor his friend-turned-business partner were going to let this chance pass them by. They stumbled across tea while searching for a business idea that may be lucrative but needed less initial capital.

In 2016, they used three lakh rupees (about $31,000) that he had earned from a prior business to launch a tea stand in Indore. They were the only ones on staff, yet they worked tirelessly to offer the public delicious tea. They now have around 1,500 employees spread all over India.

Because of his family’s traditional upbringing, his parents were first dubious. But as they saw CSB’s success and grasped his business strategy, they reconsidered.

What Is Special About Chai Sutta Bar?

Just by looking at the name, you could assume that Chai Sutta Bar isn’t your average tea shop. In many cafes, you won’t find chai offered from a stand but rather from a bar-like setup.

The use of a traditional clay cup, the kulhad, for the consumption of tea is another distinctive feature of their culture. Their originality and genuineness are enhanced by this. People are known to have profound conversations in their unparalleled outlets, which have a beautiful and inviting ambiance.

Another aspect of CSB that has to be mentioned is the visually appealing and delicious design of the corporate logo.

Although they started out with just three shops in Indore in 2016, they have since grown to more than 450 sites throughout 195 cities in India, with additional branches in Nepal and the UAE.

Since its inception as a small tea business owned by him and his partner, Chai Sutta Bar has grown into a company employing over 1,500 people throughout India.

During an interview with Curly Tales, he recounts the story of their first employee, a young guy who was left without a family, and the profound impact that their employment had on his life. He has his own place and can now afford to travel around.

Anubhav claims that CSB gives those from low-income backgrounds, those with impairments, or who are orphans first dibs on employment opportunities, among many other great things. For more than 300 low-income families, Chai Sutta Bar has been a godsend.

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