A lady complains about Air India’s services despite 4.5 lakh tickets

NewsA lady complains about Air India’s services despite 4.5 lakh tickets


Content creator Shreyti Garg recently posted on Instagram about her unpleasant experience on an Air India journey from Delhi to Toronto. She drew attention to the inadequate in-flight amenities in spite of the high cost of the tickets. While on the road with her 2.5-year-old and 7-month-old children, Ms. Garg documented the problems on camera. She expressed dismay that her family and she were left both literally and metaphorically in the dark because the in-flight entertainment and lights for three of her seats weren’t working. The trip was not as enjoyable as Garg had anticipated due to the broken seats and lack of entertainment, so she took to social media to voice her complaints.

She disclosed at the outset of her tenure that she had paid a substantial sum of 4.5 lakh for the Air India tickets. We were traveling with our two children, ages 2.5 and 7, on an Air India journey from Delhi to Toronto. And allow me to tell you about our trip. We were seated next to each other, and sadly, very little worked. Unfortunately, I neglected to snap a photo of the damaged seat handle and had to physically shield my child from harm because all the cables were pouring out of the entertainment system. From broken chairs to no entertainment system. Furthermore, nothing was done despite repeated complaints to the workers and crew. Even after what appeared to have been a system reset, nothing seemed to have worked. She said,We were left with two kids and hopeless, and we had to handle everything on our own.“

Mandira Bedi chastised Air India for their bad customer service in a furious post on X. The actress and fitness model revealed on Thursday, January 4, how she made multiple attempts but was never able to contact an Air India service executive.  Wow, thanks to @airindia for putting your act together! On Sunday, it took six calls to reach Flying Returns, not receiving the promised callback. And four calls today. I am still unable to get through to a service executive, too. I would never call you if I didn’t have a ton of miles to utilize. Very bad customer service. Completely awful, “her post said.

In response to Mandira Bedi’s grievance post, Air India responded promptly. We value your time and comments on your booking experience, MS. Bedi. We value your opinion and will forward it to the appropriate team for consideration and appropriate action. Kindly refer to the airline’s initial response and do not hesitate to contact them by direct message in the future if you need any help.

Prior to this, Richa Chadha used X to air her complaints about MakeMyTrip and Air India, praising their offerings in the wake of an unexpected flight cancellation. She referred to these “saste cheats” as “scamsters” in her post and urged her followers not to use their services.

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