108-foot-long incense stick and other gifts for the Ram Temple Event

News108-foot-long incense stick and other gifts for the Ram Temple Event


Engraved presents for the Ram Temple I Ayodhya in advance of its January 22 consecration ceremony involve a 108-foot-long incense stick, a 2100-kg bell, a giant lighting weighing 11,00 kg gold footwear, a 10-foot high keyed lock, and a timepiece that concurrently indicates time in eight different nations. The artists who generated the original presents are hoping that the magnificent temple will make use of them as well. The fact that gifts are coming in from all over the nation and even overseas is adding to the fervor surrounding the religion. Nearly 3000 presents were sent to Lord Ram from Janakpura, also where Sita was born.

The gifts, which included clothes, jewelry, and silver shoes, were driven this week from the Janakpura Dham Ram Janaki Temple in Nepal to Ayodhya in a convoy of about thirty cars. Additionally, a delegation from Sri Lanka paid Ayodhya a visit and received a unique gift from Ashok Vatika. A rock from the Ashok Vatika, a garden mentioned in the epic Ramayana where Ravan enthralled Sita, was presented by the delegation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the temple’s consecration celebration on January 22. The building’s initial stage is almost finished. In 2019, the Supreme Court rendered a landmark decision that resolved a century-old temple-mosque controversy.

The court ordered that a different five-acre plot be located in order to build a mosque, while also endorsing the construction of Ram Temple at the contested site. The temple officials have been getting a lot of gifts before the big event. Over the course of six months, an incense stick measuring 108 feet in length, 3610 kg in weight, and nearly 3.5 feet in width was prepared in Vadodara, Gujarat. Viha Bharwad, a resident of Vadodara, prepared the incense stick. It is environmentally friendly and will last for approximately 1.5 months, spreading its fragrance over several kilometers. According to him, the stick’s ingredients include 376 kg of gum resin, 376 kg of coconut shells, 190 kg of ghee, 1470 kg of cow dung, and 420 kg of herbs. There were 237 feet in the minaret. On January 1, Bharwad and 25 other devotees departed Vadodara with the massive incense stick, and on January 18, their convoy was scheduled to arrive in Ayodhya.

Gujarat has also sent a temple drum, or nagara, made in Dariyapur by the entire India Dabgar Samaj. The 56-inch gold foil nagaru will be placed in the temple’s outdoor spaces. Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh-based locksmith Satya Prakash Sharma created a 400kg lock and key that measures 10 feet tall, 4.6 feet wide, and 9 inches thick. This is the biggest lock-and-key in the world. He said, I have given it to the trust so that it can be used at the temple as a symbolic lock. In Etah’s Jalesar, Uttar Pradesh, an alloy of eight metals called “Ashtadhatu ” has been prepared to weigh 21,00 kg. The bell took two years to prepare. One of the artisans involved in the bell’s preparation said that it will be sent to Ayodhya only after all the ceremonies have been completed and with great fanfare.



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