A notice is sent to Indigo and the Mumbai airport: Passengers eating on the tarmac

NewsA notice is sent to Indigo and the Mumbai airport: Passengers eating...


On Monday, a video of travelers eating on the Mumbai Airport tarmac went viral on social media. The Mumbai airport and Indigo received show-cause notices from the ministry of civil aviation on Tuesday after a video of travelers eating and sitting on the tarmac went viral on social media. This follows a meeting last night with all ministry officials presided over by Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia. The notification stated that neither IndiGo nor the Mumbai airport took proactive steps to foresee the circumstances and make the necessary preparations for passenger assistance, according to the news agency.

Rather than a contact stand, which is a parking area for aircraft that allows passengers to walk to and from the aircraft, and a designated boarding gate, the aircraft was assigned a remote bay C-33. It also stated that this made passengers’ problems even worse and prevented them from using the terminal’s basic amenities, which included restrooms and refreshments. Regarding the incident, the aviation ministry has asked IndiGo and the Mumbai airport to respond by the end of the day. The ministry stated that an enforcement auction, including monetary penalties, will be started if responses are not received within the allotted time.

The MoCA’s Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety (BCAS) has sent IndiGo a show-cause notice regarding flight 6E 2195 from Goa to Delhi, which was routed to Mumbai on January 14, 2024. IndiGo responded to the notice in a statement. An internal investigation has already been started by IndiGo to address the fact that a Goa-Delhi flight’s passengers were seen eating on the Mumbai airport’s tarmac in a video that was posted on Monday night. Due to heavy fog, IndiGo flight 6E2195, which was scheduled to arrive in Delhi on Sunday, was forced to land at the Mumbai airport instead of Delhi. 

Since passengers are not permitted to remain on the tarmac, there has been a security breach. After seeing the video, Mumbai’s airport stated that because the passengers would not board the airline coach and go to the terminal building, the airport operator, working with the CISF’s Quick Response Team (QRT), roped off the travelers into a safety zone. The officials said that until further measures were taken, the passengers were kept under close observation by airline authorities and security.

Due to low visibility in Delhi, an Indigo flight from Goa towards Delhi was diverted to Mumbai, but the passengers on board refused to get off. Rather, they ate dinner while sitting on the tarmac. Twelve hours after the plane was delayed, it finally took off for Delhi. There were significant problems at Mumbai airport as well, with flights from Delhi experiencing delays of up to three hours. The most terrifying twelve hours of the crew’s lives occurred when their Goa-Delhi flight was forced to divert to Mumbai due to bad visibility. The departure time of IndiGo flight 6E2195 was set for Sunday at 2:25 p.m. After a delay, a strange incident was waiting to happen when the aircraft finally took off and landed in Mumbai at 11:40 p.m.

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