Post-Mahakaal Lok, tourists, liquor sale increase in MP’s Ujjain

NationalPost-Mahakaal Lok, tourists, liquor sale increase in MP’s Ujjain


Bhopal: The Mahakaal Lok in the holy city of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh has increased the number of tourists and those liquor consumers, sources said on Thursday.

In comparison to the last year, the consumption of country-made liquor has shot up by 42%, foreign-made liquor by 94%, beer by 77% in the city.

Therefore, former chief minister Uma Bharti’s campaigns against ban on sale of liquor have fizzled out.

Despite Bharti’s appeal and in spite of state government’s drug de-addiction drives, the people of Madhya Pradesh are consuming liquor more than they used to do.

The state government launched a drug de-addiction campaign on October 2 when Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Uma Bharti were present on the state. Both of them administered oath to the people of the state to shun liquor and drugs. Nevertheless, the statistics of drinkers received in November indicated that the appeals of Chouhan and those Uma have barely had any impact on the people. Instead of declining, the number of drinkers has shot up.

In November this year, the consumption of country-made liquor was 21.5%, of foreign-made liquor 33.1 %, and that of beer was 12.4%, which is higher than the figures pertaining to November last year.

In November last year, 1.3 crore proof litres of country-made liquor were consumed. Nevertheless, 1.25 crore proof litres of country-made liquor were consumed in November this year.

Similarly, the consumption of foreign-made liquor increased from 50 lakh proof litres to 66 lakh proof litres. In the same way, the consumption of beer has gone up from 87 lakh bulk litres to 97 lakh bulk litres this year.

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