IMD predicts relief from heatwave conditions in coming days

NationalIMD predicts relief from heatwave conditions in coming days


But temperature shoots up to 45 degrees Celsius in Prayagraj of UP; people advised to remain indoors at noon

New Delhi: May is in its last leg. The country is slowly entering the month of June, generally the hottest month in the Indian peninsula. Nevertheless, a western disturbance may provide some relief from extreme heat, said India Meteorological Department.

At this time of the year, UP, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan witness extreme heatwave conditions, but this year, there may be some relief in a day or two because of western disturbances.

According to reports, there have been heatwave conditions in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and in some parts of Madhya Pradesh, but a sudden dust storm on Sunday brought down temperatures in MP.

There will, however, be heatwave conditions in south Haryana, UP, and in parts of Delhi and south West Bengal.

According to the IMD office, the oncoming western disturbance will cause the temperatures to fall.

Temperature in Delhi shot up to 44 degrees Celsius on Monday when Chandigarh also witnessed a rise in temperatures which went above 40 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Similarly, the residents of Punjab and Haryana, too, experienced extreme heatwave conditions. The temperature at some places shot up to 44 degrees Celsius in both the states that may experience rain fall because of western disturbance, the met office said.

In the meanwhile, mercury shot up to 45 degrees Celsius in the Prayagraj area of UP where people preferred to remain indoors at noon. Asphalt roads began to melt.

Demand for various drinks, like lemon water, lassi, matha has gone up in different parts of UP and Bihar because of extreme heatwave conditions.

The doctors in Prayagraj have advised the residents not to go out anywhere at noon, especially on an empty stomach, to avoid heat stroke.

The district administration and various social welfare organisations have set up piaus (earthen pitchers filled with water) at different places.

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