Why you should observe World Environment Day this year for sure

LifestyleWhy you should observe World Environment Day this year for sure


Why you should observe World Environment Day this year for sure

Whenever someone used to tell us about World Environment Day, we would just tell them that we are not children to be taught EVS subject again. We would change the topic as we really want to focus on our other daily activities.

But this year, for a change, let’s consider World Environment Day (celebrated on 5 June), as equally important as our routine work because the ENVIRONMENT really needs our help to protect and sustain.

Right from the last five months, we all are reading news about various disasters happening all over the world – Coronavirus pandemic, Cyclone Amphan, Plane crash, Earthquake, Cyclone Nisarga, and what not. The world’s environment is really suffering like anything and now we as a responsible citizen should put some efforts to save it. Because if the environment is not protected, we are not going to have a future.

Here are some simple ways you can contribute to make this world and environment a better place to live in:
1) When you are shaving, washing your face or brushing your teeth, avoid keeping the water tap on. Use water only when you need it.
2) Avoid using tissues to dry your face and hands as tissues have to be thrown away. Instead you can use dry cloth towel.
3) When not in use, switch off the lights and appliances. Unplug chargers after your mobile and gadgets have been charged completely. Saving energy can help lower air pollution.
4) Walk to the places if it is nearby, instead of using your own vehicles or public transport. Saving fuel and reducing pollution also matters.
5) Share pictures and posts about how you are celebrating World Environment Day this year. Encourage others to do their bit to save this planet from further destruction.
6) Plant small trees in your windowsill. A home-made pot with seed and mud is like a new beginning in your life.

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