Why are more movies being made based on Indian culture?

LifestyleWhy are more movies being made based on Indian culture?


Indian culture is vast and varied. Like there is no fixed formula or rule book that is followed by everyone to tell that they are cultured in India. India has many states and communities and thus, they have their own ways of living, following rituals, customs, and traditions, which form the Indian culture. So, we celebrate unity in diversity in India when it comes to culture. Every person from each religion and community respects the other religion and community and we are willing to co-exist together rather than create differences or expect others to follow what each one does.

Connecting artworks and cultures around world

It was in 2015 and 2017 that the Indian cinema rocked the world by launching two hugely successful Telugu movies dubbed in several Indian and foreign languages called the Baahubali series. Baahubali became so popular and recognized all over the world that there were other platforms as well in which the films entered its name like launching book series for kids, cartoon movies, hoodies, and accessories for fans and followers among others.

Even arch rival Pakistan prays for India’s victory against S Africa

When the film series Baahubali Part 1 – The Beginning and Baahubali Part 2 – The Conclusion was being made, little did they know that it will get such a huge acceptance and love not just from India but all over the world. It is the presentation of the movie and showing how the ancient cultured people lived by following the values of commitment to the kingdom, obeying parents’ orders, and keeping up their promises no matter what – that just created a history that no other film has yet been made in Indian cinema to break the records.

Then comes 2022 when the film RRR gets released in the theatres amid the post-pandemic times and the response to the film creates another history. The film is based in the pre-Independence era when people fought with British rule in their own way. How the filmmakers ensured that Ramayana’s theme was incorporated into the movie is just too amazing. One not just learns about brotherhood but also keeps promises to save the love of someone’s life. This film shows how people can climb the mountains if they have to fight injustice and the visual effects are just icing on the cake. 

Come September 2022 and you see the film Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 that just makes people go gaga over all the performances, storyline, direction, and whatnot! The cast and crew are not just appreciated by the Tamil-speaking audience in which the film has been made originally but also by other languages people have come forward to express their positive reviews of the film. People loved the depiction of the Chola empire and how the characters gave their best to make the book’s story come as a real-life movie. Again the film is breaking several records that KGF 2 and RRR have already set in the year 2022. 

So, the basic idea of bringing out the ancient stories to the Indian cinema either fiction or non-fiction is to show the world how culturally strong India is and how people still believe in the core values of humanity when it comes to living even in the 21st century.

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