Floating Dirt in the name of Floating Hut by Le Roi; Polluting the environment

NationalFloating Dirt in the name of Floating Hut by Le Roi; Polluting...


In an attempt to give Maldives feels in India, Le Roi built a unique concept of floating huts in Tehri and running them for some time now.

The huts in the name eco rooms are violating the rules and causing harm to the environment.

Reportedly there is no formal go-ahead or NOC for this project given even by the tourism department Of Tehri. The company Le Roi is flouting the rules and is openly playing with the environment and people’s health.

The floating hut situated in Tehri Lake was given the responsibility of operating under PPP mode by Le Roi Company. The hotel started violating the rules from the very beginning of the operation as per sources.

As soon as the matter reached the administration level, a thorough investigation was planned and handed over to the SDM Apporva Singh. While the department was examining the floating hut, a handful of flaws were highlighted. In the complete investigation of the SDM, the negligence of the company Le Roi has been fully exposed.

Floating Hut Le Roi

Post getting a report the administration is preparing for strict action against Le Roi.

On 5th of October last month, a video of the floating hut located in Tehri Lake went viral on social media exposing the reality of the business. The video had glimpses of dirty water floating in the Tehri lake which was a waste discarded from the hut toilets and kitchen and being dumped in Tehri lake. The dirty water from the toilets and sewers of the floating hut was being mixed with the help of a motor in the clean water of Tehri lake.

The matter has been taken up to the DM Dr. Saurabh Gaharwar. Ahead of which the DM understanding the severity and repercussions of the operations to the environment is taking this matter seriously and immediately ordered the SDM and the Tourism Department to investigate it further.

Three days after the viral video, the administration team inspected the floating hut and found several flaws in the operations that are hazardous to the nature. The investigation team duly submitted the report to the DM Dr. Saurabh Gaharwar.

The company operating the floating hut is clearly flouting the rules and polluting the Tehri Lake. The terms of the contract signed with the tourism department of the floating hut are also being looked into before taking further steps. Strict action will be taken against the operators in this matter soon.

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