Things to do when you are at home, off from work

LifestyleThings to do when you are at home, off from work


There are some leaves that every company gives an employee in different categories. If you have some extra leaves pending in your office that you can take any time, then here are some ways to utilize them by being at home and relaxing to the fullest. Relaxation for some is by going out and doing the required personal work outside their home. While for some, just being at home and doing nothing except for routine activities, is also the best need off from office work. Here are amazing things you can do at your own home and enjoy the office leaves:

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1) Take power naps and good quality sleep:

While you may be thinking that taking leaves or away from the workplace means doing fun at home, the best relaxation comes when you just close your eyes and give your body the needed relaxation. Good quality sleep in the afternoon lasts for 2 hours and at night it lasts for 8 hours. Don’t oversleep because then you will feel more tired. You can simply take power naps of 20-30 minutes whenever you feel bored and want to just relax. 

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2) Plan nothing when you are at home:

A to-do list always keeps hanging on your head and a reminder alarm always keeps buzzing on your phone throughout the other days of your life. When you have taken an off from work, just do nothing and think of nothing to be done, except for sipping coffee or tea whenever you require and eating your dinner or lunch on time. Watch anything that comes on TV without judging the story of the film or series and see how you will find a change when you give a time break to your mind.

3) Loosen up and just dance or sing:

Have you ever seen small kids of age 3 or 5 years? Well, they are carefree, don’t think what the world thinks of them, and do whatever they want. They don’t mind singing at night at 10 pm and also dancing in the morning at 6 am when they are awake. They just loosen up because they don’t know what is discipline and self-control. So, when you are at home and have no personal responsibilities on your day-off, just start singing your favorite songs. Record some and post them on YouTube or social media. You can also write something or anything in a book – the thoughts that keep coming to your mind. Or you can simply ON the music and start dancing to your favorite tunes as if no one is watching or keeping a tab on you. The more you feel free, the more your mind will become calmer and get the required break from daily chores.

Last but not the least, talk to someone special. If you have amazing friends that you don’t communicate with recently due to your busy work schedules, pick that phone up and talk in length with them about how their lives are going on and what is happening in your lives. I know everyone is aware of social media updates but nothing feels real when there is heart-to-heart communication done on the phone or face-to-face with friends.

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