Swiggy delivery agent sets an example of selflessness

LifestyleSwiggy delivery agent sets an example of selflessness


X user Shravan Tickoo shared on the microblogging platform about his real-time experience with a Swiggy delivery agent who came forward to rescue him out. Yeah, and since the time Tickoo shared the story on social media, it has struck the hearts of many.

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Tickoo shares that his bike went out of fuel at midnight, and the closest petrol pump was 2.5 km away. So, while he was dragging his bike to the petrol pump, he bumped upon a Swiggy agent midway who asked him about his chaotic situation.

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Tickoo shared with him about what happened and the agent instantly agreed to tow his bike and told him he would take him to the petrol pump.

“I asked him, do you have a delivery to do now, he said yes, but he said – it’s okay let me drop you to the petrol pump. After towing me for 2.5 km, we reached the nearest petrol bunk to see that it was closed. I told him that it was okay I would tow it from there to the next petrol bunk. I tried to be grateful for his help and started offering him 500 bucks for this,” wrote Tickoo on X. 

While the agent didn’t take any money from Tickoo and said he would drop him at the next petrol pump that was 3 km away. 

Tickoo also shared a photo with the delivery agent and tagged Swiggy on X. He asked the food delivery company to find out the ‘awesome gentleman’ and share his gratitude towards him.

The post although was shared on 20 October but it has clicked 10,000 views in a short while with many comments and likes. Several people were touched by the story and some wrote in comments. A user wrote, “Sometimes God appears in different forms. You experienced his presence. Now you have one debt. Do pass this kindness it to the next needy.”

A second commented, “The efforts of these people, who are always willing to go above and beyond for no apparent reason, are all that keep the world beautiful.”

“This is truly amazing behaviour. Going out of the way to help is genuine help, and kudos to him! Let this be a learning for others also to offer help when needed. The best part of his behaviour is his remark,” expressed another.

Really, such brave people irrespective of the time and place come forward to help others. Selflessness is a value that needs to be imbibed among children and people since a young age. It is because once they grow up, they won’t be able to change their values system. So, if you have met such good people in your life, don’t feel shy to share or talk about them.

Because the more positive vibes you spread and talk about the selfless people around you, the more you will find such goodness happening all over the world. We always need not think about money or usefulness of the other person at certain times and this Swiggy guy just set an example of the same view.

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