Know here Sudha Murthy’s Secrets for healthy parenting

LifestyleKnow here Sudha Murthy's Secrets for healthy parenting


Do you think parenting is an easy process? Well, when you become a parent, you will really understand the ground reality of how your parents took so much effort to manage you and help you grow up. It is not easier, after all, to keep washing the dirty laundry, keep changing the diapers or clothes which are used to clean the child’s pee and loo, keep all the toys in one place and manage the noises of the child all the time along with cleaning the dirty and messy house on a regular basis. Well, this is just one thing that you are made accountable along with several other responsibilities of caring for your child. 

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As a parent, you would have to constantly keep checking on your child’s behavior, teach them good skills, encourage them to study well, be available during their tough and happy times, know their friends’ names and give them advice whenever they fight and come back home. Moreover, you are the one whom they depend on emotionally, financially, and physically till they become independent at all these levels. So, you have a lot of responsibilities if you really want to be known as a good parent.

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For parents, here are some quotes from educator, writer, and philanthropist Sudha Murthy from where you can take inspiration in your parenthood journey.

1. “Don’t put your dreams in your child’s mind, because every child is born with his or her own aspirations.”

Your child is born unique. Do not compare them with yourself or other children and allow them to follow their own path. You can be assured that they will be happy at least in whatever they do.

2. “Teach children that money doesn’t make a person extraordinary.”

In modern times, people think that having a fat bank balance, property, and various assets are where true happiness and success lie. Your child may also feel the same way considering wealthy people are always appreciated and honored in all aspects of life. They watch TV, read newspapers and even have lengthy discussions with their peers on the same topic all the time. As a parent, you need to make them understand that money is not everything and apart from earning money, one also has to possess certain values that make them unique and special.

3. “When a child asks for something, don’t give it immediately. Find out if it’s really needed or not.”

Your child may want this or that and may also throw tantrums if you don’t give it to them. You can postpone buying and giving them the things making them realize how much hard you need to work to earn what they are asking for.

4. “Spend time with the child in a constructive conversation. Examine and talk to them about everything.”

Your conversation with your child should be an encouraging and positive one. Never ever degrade them or tell them their negative points as it is without helping them to improve the same.

5. “Teach them the advantages of reading instead of spending time on gadgets. And discuss those.”

Your child needs to understand that there are various other sources of knowledge and information apart from electronic gadgets. You can take them to a library once a week or month to help them get the benefits of reading and writing as well.

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