Simple tips to say bye to anxiety

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Simple tips to say bye to anxiety

Feeling nervous about your future? Are you constantly thinking that you won’t be able to survive in this coronavirus pandemic?

Not getting enough sleep? Feeling love lost between relationships? Then you may suffering from anxiety, which is said to be a sens of uneasiness, stress in the mind and body for being afraid for future events.

Anxiety to a certain extent is good because it makes you aware and alert of your surroundings. But if not taken good care of your mental health, it can worsen and affect your physical health, job, relationships and your whole life.

Here are some useful tips to reduce your anxiety levels:

If you get worried in high-stress situations, then it is always good to stay prepared mentally.

Yes, stress is everywhere and we are living in a constantly changing world. So, it’s always better to accept change. If you don’t know how to be ready for change, then learn it.

Control things only those are under your reach. You can sleep for 8 hours, have a good diet, exercise well, which are in your control. A sound body leads to a good mind and vice-versa.

If you still feel low, then reach out for help. Talk to someone you are close to. If you are alone and don’t trust anyone, then write down your feelings to yourself.

By Sahana Iyer

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