Old age home elderly gather courage to fight against coronavirus

LifestyleOld age home elderly gather courage to fight against coronavirus


Old age home elderly gather courage to fight against coronavirus

Elderly people at old age homes are keeping themselves engaged by doing cooking, exercising, baking and gardening to stay away from negative thoughts about coronavirus pandemic.

Elderly people are highly vulnerable to coronavirus to lack of immunity required to fight the deadly disease.

However, many senior citizens, living in old age homes are not letting that affect their way of living.

In an old age home in Delhi, an elderly woman keeps herself busy with cooking. She along with her other members of home keep themselves away from negative thoughts by exercising daily and doing yoga and meditation.

Some senior citizens help the children of the caretakers in their studies and also play board games such as ludo and carrom to keep themselves occupied with creative activities.

Another elderly woman listens to devotional songs daily as it gives her a lot of mental peace.

Some elderly people also take active interest in cooking various dishes for other residents. Walking and maintaining a good diet and sleep has also become a focus of many in old age homes.

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