Inspiring Quotes of Sushmita Sen for a happy life

LifestyleInspiring Quotes of Sushmita Sen for a happy life


Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen celebrated her 47th birthday on November 19 this year. It is indeed wonderful to see the fittest actress looking younger day by day despite her age increasing year by year. Sushmita is known for being outspoken and speaking her heart out no matter what. Although she had done only a few films in Bollywood, she is well-known for her philanthropic activities. One cannot forget how she became a single mother at a young age by adopting two daughters. Sushmita’s love life has always been under the scanner and media reports have mentioned several names as her boyfriends over the years. Some well-known people like Lalit Modi, Randeep Hooda, and Vikram Bhatt were also involved in Sushmita’s love life.

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Here are some amazing quotes from Sushmita Sen for a happy and lovely life:

“Things happen to people who believe. If you believe something long enough, it becomes a fact.”

You need to believe in your dreams and ambitions in life. If you keep believing in them for a long time and also taking action, then those dreams become a reality. Say, for example, if you dream to be an entrepreneur, you need to keep a firm belief that you will become one soon. You need to channel all your energies into your dream so that you can make things happen in your life.

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“Remember your dreams. Do one thing every day that scares you.” 

You need to not just believe in your dreams but also remember them. If there is anything that you want to do in life, then start doing one thing every day and see how it will amaze you and the people around you. You can write down the dreams you want to achieve as goals and see how doing one thing at a time can take you to new heights in life for sure.

“Arm yourself with the knowledge it’ll be your greatest strength one day.”

Knowledge is a weapon that can be used whenever you want. If you keep attaining knowledge, you never know how it will come to your aid in your crisis times. So, read books, and newspapers and even listen to lectures and speeches of inspirational people. All the ideas and facts that other successful people share can be used for your life’s betterment.

“Work hard…Command Results, Demand Nothing.” 

If you really want to achieve something in your life, then you definitely have to work hard. You will get results when you work hard. Ensure that you demand and expect nothing from others but just keep doing your work every day. The results of good actions will follow the suit.

“I don’t like the word ‘sacrifice’ or ‘compromise’. Anyone who is too into this sacrificing concept has very low self-esteem because they want to be martyrs at the drop of a hat. No! stand up for yourself.” 

Don’t be a sheep or donkey in your life. Don’t think that sacrificing or compromising can take you anywhere. Just stand up for yourself, take care of yourself and then you will be able to care for others as well.

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