Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Self-Care for Men

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Self-Care for Men


In today’s society, it is the time of women. Women are everywhere, at home, and outside and willing to contribute and make a mark in all aspects of life. There are many women advocates who speak up about why women should start taking care of their health and say NO to unwanted sacrifices and unwilling adjustments. But when it comes to men, there is a lot of blurred vision in society. Some men groups promote tough masculinity and domination while some men groups are too sacrificing and accommodating to the needs of the other sections of society. Whatever it is, we don’t want any extreme thinking anymore.

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We want a society that also allows men to rest and care for themselves. We want a world where every gender lives happily, to the fullest, and at peace. But can that be achievable? When will a dad start communicating with his children that he feels tired to go the same old job and now wants to quit and follow his passions? When will a brother tell to his sisters that he no longer can fulfill the requirements of his sisters’ in-laws and be accommodating to their unwanted desires and wishes? 

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When will a son tell to his aging parents that he too has a life of his own and has the right to choose a bride for himself and not keep living just to fulfill his parents’ expectations and satisfy their ego to live in the strict society? When these tolerant men who really bear all the hardships and tough situations just to please others come out in the open and start expressing themselves as they are, that’s when society changes for the better.

So, I am not blaming other family members to be selfish or ignorant of such sacrificing men of their family and society. I am just showing the light on the plight of such men who keep doing their jobs without any further expectations from their family members and take it as their lifelong responsibility. I want to give such men an opportunity to express their feelings, emotions, and pain to their family members who take them for granted.

I want such men to have a say, share an opinion, and get themselves involved in the enjoyment rather than work like a donkey for their whole life and then just get cremated after their death without having a life of their own. When such men who consider their family and community’s wishes over their own desires and wishes, slow down a bit, enjoy a little, relax a little bit, dance it out a little bit, cry a little bit, and also ask for their needs and wants a little bit, that’s when the balance of men and women is established in the society.

I have seen men who dominate the households and I have seen also such men in my life who have tolerated all the abusive behavior from their wives, siblings, relatives, children, and society members just to live like a bakra their whole life. Request all men and women out there to establish a mutual understanding between each other so that there is a co-existence of the wishes and desires of both parties.

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