What to do when you plan to change your workplace

EducationWhat to do when you plan to change your workplace


If you have extremely negative thoughts about quitting your current workplace and looking for another company for a better job, READ ON. Things may go haywire when co-workers don’t support your work and also keep finding out tiny mistakes that don’t need to be improved. If you are constantly bullied at team meetings and also you get a lot of criticism from your boss for your work timings and productivity, then here are some tips.

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1) Start your work search:

You can update your CV and post it on Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, and Indeed as these are the important job websites where you can get relevant jobs. You can try for a paid premium membership if you are looking for top companies and employers. Be practical and know how many days after you can join a new company. You can keep your CV open to view in public mode with your contact details in private mode. You can create an email id wherein if potential employers want to contact you via email and you don’t want to mix it with your personal email id. Don’t put your mobile number in public mode as it will attract more spam calls and messages that don’t need your attention.

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2) Inform your HR that you have such plans:

Your HR manager must be aware that you are looking for a change in job and that you won’t be a part of the company in the coming months. You can ask them for important projects if they want you to be a part of them and complete them in advance. You can also put up a notice period as per your company’s requirements and keep your job search activities. You can mention to your HR that you won’t be working with a competitor and are looking for a job change because of career growth and there are no personal reasons involved. If your HR asks you for suggestions to improve the workplace, you can mention how bullies should be avoided working at the company but you need not mention any person’s name so that they don’t lose their jobs.

3) Don’t spread rumors or create negative scenarios:

If the people bullying you at the workplace comment on your decision to quit, don’t take it seriously. You can smile at them, ignore them and even confess that you are not quitting just for their sake but because you are more interested to work with like-minded people who will understand your skillset. If your HR still asks you to report the person who has affected you the most, you need not reveal their name and create a negative fix. 

Last but not least, if it is just too difficult to bear the taunts of the bullies at the workplace, then you can quit at the earliest. You can ask your HR to not compensate you for the month and take the salary so that you can stay back at home and improve your mental health. 

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