Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022 Messages, Wishes, SMS

LifestyleHappy Ayudha Pooja 2022 Messages, Wishes, SMS


Ayudha Pooja is an important event in the festival of Navratri. Ayudha Pooja means worshipping different instruments such as scissors, pins, needles, and even big devices like machinery, vehicles, and computers. The idea is to pray to Shakti Goddesses such as Saraswati (the Goddess of wisdom, arts, and literature), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth), and Parvati (the divine mother).

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Ayudha Pooja is also called Astra Puja. It is the day when people express their thankfulness for all the instruments which are important in our lives. Here are some useful messages, greetings, and wishes for Ayudha Pooja 2022 with your relatives and friends.

1) May Goddess Saraswati gives a lot of happiness and prosperity to you and your family. May her blessings be always with you and your family. Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022.

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2) Goddess Saraswati is the light of peace and hope. May you be guided by Maa Saraswati’s knowledge and wisdom. May you worship all the necessary equipment that you use in your daily life to make things work for you. Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022.

3) May Goddess Chamundeshwari be there to bless you and make your dreams come true. Warm greetings to you and your family on the auspicious occasion of Ayudha Pooja 2022.

4) May you connect with the spiritual power and walk on the road of happiness and success in your life. Happy Ayudha Pooja to you and your family.

5) May Maa Saraswati guide you in your difficult times and help you to know what is wrong and right in your life.

May you take the decisions in your life only after thorough contemplation.

Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022 to you and your family.

6) Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022.

May you get all the blessings from the various forms of Goddesses who will come into your life in the form of various humans.

May you know to respect them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Warm wishes for the special festival.

7) When you celebrate Ayudha Pooja at your home, you are in a way doing rituals that will help you to destroy all the problems related with business or your profession.

Happy Ayudha Pooja to you and your family.

8) I wish that you attain personal and professional success as you pray to Goddess Saraswati. 

May you lead a blissful life ahead with the required health and wealth.

Happy and grateful Ayudha Pooja 2022.

9) May you gain mastery in your career and may your work do the talking then you talking about it.

May you believe in yourself more this year as you do Ayudha Pooja.

May you give respect and thankfulness to your profession no matter what it is.

Happy Ayudha Pooja 2022.

10) As you worship the books that have helped you reach wherever you are today, may you get the needed knowledge and wisdom.

Happy Ayudha Pooja to you and your family.

11) Let us bow our heads and fold our hands and thank all the Goddesses who have showered their blessings on us so that we could reach wherever we are today.

Happy Ayudha Pooja.

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