DIY Room Freshener To Uplift Your Living Space

LifestyleDIY Room Freshener To Uplift Your Living Space


Lifestyle Desk – Many of you use room freshener to lighten up your living space. But these room fresheners contain chemicals that may pose health risks. So, it is better to use a DIY room freshener, it will uplift your space and save money.

Here you will know tips and tricks to make a room freshener at home using natural things.


You can make room fresheners out of the flowers, just take a pan, boil water add rose or mogra flowers, and heat them for 10 minutes. Now, cool it and strain it into a spray bottle. Now, you are done, spritz it around your space and see the magic.

Essential oil

You can also use essential oils, fill a spray bottle halfway with water and rosemary, tea tree, jasmine, and whatever you love. Now, spray it around your space and you will see a natural good smell.


Clove and cinnamon are natural room fresheners, just take a pot, boil water, and put cloves and cinnamon. Now, heat it and let the water cool. Now, pour it into a spray bottle and you are done.


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