Being Compassionate is the best service to humankind

LifestyleBeing Compassionate is the best service to humankind


Being Compassionate is the best service to humankind

Compassionate people are usually said to suffer from others. As per the emotion researchers, compassion is a feeling that comes when a person is confronted with another’s suffering and feels encouraged to reduce that suffering. People who are compassionate towards others should know to be compassionate towards themselves first and then show their empathy and understanding towards others.

R Madhavan on the importance of being kind, caring, and compassionate

Compassion can be communicated verbally and non-verbally. A touch can be given to another person to make them feel good and relaxed. Encouraging others to be compassionate towards others is a good idea to make this world a better place for all emotionally strong and vulnerable populations. Express your feelings as they are without hurting others and also show your kindness.

Respect other people’s privacy and learn how to approach others to show your good acts of kindness. Even if you are made to believe that the world is a tough place and there are only difficulties in life and you should also be rude and heartless with others to live in this practical world, don’t get into that negative influence. 

Egret’s life lesson: Be patient and respect your instinct

Compassion is all about being good with others along with taking care of self. For example, if your friend tells you that he is not good in Maths and asks you to give him the time to help him study and attain good grades, you need to first identify if you have that much free time to teach your friend and then only commit to a yes. At times, people misunderstand compassion as selflessness, but that is not how it works.

Compassion is the need of the hour. In these testing times of our lives wherein the pandemic has created a disaster that has been witnessed only after the Independence war, compassion is much needed for people to empathize with others and let others cope up with their crises in the best way possible. Do not mock others for being vulnerable or less than you. Instead encourage, be kind, understanding, and respect others.

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