5 Cool hobbies to reduce coronavirus stress

Lifestyle5 Cool hobbies to reduce coronavirus stress


5 Cool hobbies to reduce coronavirus stress

Generally, they say hobbies cannot be pursued due to lack of time and other commitments. As the coronavirus lockdown has been extended till 30 April in several states of India, many people are working from home or some are out of work as their offices are closed. Instead of feeling bored and depressed about the entire situation, here are some hobbies that you can simply give a try at home. These creative activities likely have the power to reduce tension and stress related to coronavirus:

1) Painting, molding, knitting, photography and other artistic creations can be calming for the eyes and help improve focus.

2) Gardening and nurturing your own plants at home can be an enjoyable activity. You can also get your own vegetables and herbs out of it.

3) Practicing yoga can be a great way to improve strength and maintain balance. It can reduce hypertension and stress and can be a great way to maintain mobility.

4) Cooking a new recipe of different cultures with different ingredients can be a great way of keeping yourself engaged. You can turn to a cooking channel or go through a recipe book online for some interesting recipes to try at home and keep everyone’s stomach filled.

5) Learning a new language can help improve memory and decision-making power. There are various apps and websites that can help you learn a new language of your choice and help you master it in this free time.

Pursuing a hobby and dedicating it proper time on regular basis can keep your mind engaged and improve your overall outlook towards life. Cheers!

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