Diabetes Leads to Stroke: Did you know, you are twice at risk of a stroke if you are diabetic

HealthDiabetes Leads to Stroke: Did you know, you are twice at risk...


Hearing the name stroke is itself a nightmare and all the more with people who are diabetic. Studies suggest that diabetic people are twice more likely to have a stroke. However, if kept your heart and brain health in control you are just fine.
Diabetes and hypertension are the biggest enemies of human health and the biggest factors causing stroke.
How Diabetes Leads to Stroke
The food we consume during the day is our source of energy. Energy converts into Glucose that enters the bloodstream and travels to cells throughout the body to provide energy with the help of a hormone called insulin. Our pancreas is responsible for producing insulin in the right amounts. People who suffer diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin. Over a period of time, excessive blood glucose can result in clots in blood vessels leading to Stroke.
Sharing some tips to take care with diabetes:
• Keep Blood pressure levels in check
• Eating only good Cholesterol
• Don’t smoke or vape: Quitting smoking improves your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It also ensures better blood circulation while giving a person an easier time being physically active.
• Follow a Healthy diet full of vegies, fruits and whole grains
• Keep your body weight in control
• Exercise regularly
• Limit your alcohol consumption
• Try to manage your stress by practicing yoga, deep breathing or meditation:

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