Unconventional ways to motivate students; Govt school in Maharashtra adopts unique initiatives

EducationUnconventional ways to motivate students; Govt school in Maharashtra adopts unique initiatives


Who says education is dependent only on good infrastructure? A primary government school of Aurangabad district has proved it wrong by practicing novel ways to keep students involved with the educational institution.

The very small zilla parishad-run primary school at Babuwadi-Chartha village of Aurangabad which has only 50 students and two teachers has been undertaking some unique initiatives to teach their children lessons like social responsibility, taking care of the environment around the school and encourage them to imbibe good knowledge.

From helping their teachers clean the premises of the school every morning, to planting tree saplings or enjoying ‘no bag’ days, children of this Babuwadi Chartha village have fallen in love with the school thanks to the beautiful initiatives.

Elaborating on the recent ‘smile badge’ programme initiated by the school, the headmaster Shri Sudhir Tupe shared that the pandemic has led to a lot of changes in the world including the study habits of students. This humble smile badge practice was initiated to motivate the kids to study and finish their homework on time.”

The students who complete their homework on time win the badge and get to flaunt it with pride during school hours. Our school begins at 9.30 am every day, however, the children of every class try to come half an hour early and tend to help the teachers clean the premises.

Another initiative to keep the students motivated to come to school is the ‘no bag’ day introduced to cheer up the kids and make them practice gardening, yoga and other fun activities to help in their overall personality development.

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