How to say no to extra work at your workplace

EducationHow to say no to extra work at your workplace


The current times are quite complicated and messy than earlier. We don’t live a simple and fixed life but something that is more inter-linked and fast-paced. At workplaces be it micro, small, startup, medium enterprises, or large corporations, toxicity can be spread and even accepted by the employees for the sake of their jobs. However, the toxic work culture can actually leave a long-lasting irrational effect on your minds if not dealt with properly and timely. 

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If you are someone who says yes to extra or additional work just so that you can please your manager or be in the good books of your boss, know that you are not signing up only for your job security but you are also creating an imbalance in your body-mind system that can lead to negative results. Here are some ways to say NO to that work project that demands more time and energy from you apart from the agreed working hours.

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1) Tell your manager that you would be interested to work on the new project only after you finish your existing work projects. If your manager insists you work on the new project simultaneously, tell him that it will exceed your working hours and make you give less quality work.

2) If your manager convinces you by showing you the additional perks or opportunity to get promoted, tell him that still you would like to get the hours included in your existing working days. You can even recommend your manager to hire an intern who can be a paid or unpaid one to handle the work project’s tasks with you.

3) If your manager still says that you have to take the sole responsibility for the new project by working for additional hours remotely or at the office, you can simply say a NO by citing health reasons. You can give him examples of how putting in the extra effort makes you vulnerable to getting illnesses as you are used to working in a slow and calm environment.

4) If your manager has a dominating leadership style and threatens you with negative consequences at the workplace, you can simply be confident and tell him that you would like to discuss with the HR how to sort things out rather than taking up a lot of things on the plate and being unproductive.

5) If your manager doesn’t even understand a simple NO, then you can simply complain against him to the management or board with how you feel intimidated by his or her work pressure and how you would like to make a move to a different department in the same organization if things don’t work for your betterment.

6) In case your manager understands your genuine reasons and accommodates your extra work within the fixed working hours, you can simply thank him and tell him that you would reconsider working for an hour or two on the weekends just so that his new project’s work progress doesn’t get hampered.

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