The new work culture of Work-from-Home

EducationThe new work culture of Work-from-Home


The coronavirus pandemic was an unexpected life crisis in the history of humankind. The pandemic led to severe damage to the global economy with the government imposing restrictions on movements and lockdowns so that the virus can be curbed from spreading and affecting the lives of people. The government’s control over the non-essential travel led to several uncomfortable working situations, and traditional ways of doing business and running a company had to undergo a huge transformation.

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Education and healthcare are few of the industries that were allowed to report to the respective workplaces considering it involves the lives of many students and people. However, many other businesses had to come up with different ways of working such as working from home, part-time work options, flexible working methods, etc. Internet was hugely depended on to ensure that work from home can be carried out. The work-from-home model that was initially adopted by the western countries when the pandemic hit them first was soon influenced and adopted in the South Asian countries as well.

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Work from home has become the latest trend considering employees now no longer have to spend their time traveling in trains and buses to reach their workplace. It not only cut down the travel time but also gave them the flexibility to dress the way they can and do productive work during the flexible working hours. Also, work from home showed how the office spaces that were rented could save a lot of money on electricity, internet, office maintenance, etc. A flexible schedule allowed employees to have lunch on their time and also improved their emotional health which was usually affected earlier due to the hectic lifestyle and growing competition.

Due to the work-from-home culture, empathy is being looked like one of the important traits of doing business. Corporate leaders are now being more understanding towards their employees and are encouraging them to even look after their physical and mental health on the week-offs. Work-from-home also gave us enough time to reconnect with our loved ones and also pursue our hobbies. 

Isn’t the new work culture one of the innovative ways of doing business? As more and more companies are nowadays calling back their employees to the workplace due to the declining coronavirus trend, people are requesting their companies to continue with their work-from-home option or switch to another relevant job. It is obvious that the digital world has given companies different ways of running their businesses.

People think that work-from-home can help them get their work done along with balancing their duties towards their personal life. Working mothers get more time to spend with their children and help them learn new things that they weren’t able to in the pre-pandemic era due to the office-working culture. So, are you one of those who is liking the new work-from-home culture, and would you want that more companies should come forward to adopt this type of culture for a set of its employees? Think about it and let us know in the comments section below.

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