Survey says workers look forward to working from home

EducationSurvey says workers look forward to working from home


There is no denying the fact that companies all over the globe have started to increase their pressure on employees. This is by asking the employees to come back to their workplace to resume work. Several professionals who got into the habit of working from home during the pandemic times are willing to give up their privacy to their bosses if they are allowed to continue remote working options.

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Employees value their privacy the most such as they don’t like their employers to take a glance at their emails or chat messages or even virtual meeting transcripts. However, a recent survey conducted by the software company Qualtrics that involved 37,000 workers across 32 countries found that the employees are okay to even give up their privacy in the above-mentioned areas. This is so that employers or bosses can make considerable improvements in their workplace by getting some insights into workplace communication between employees.

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The survey said 62% who work from home thrice a week are okay and were comfortable sharing their details over 49% of the employees who work from the office throughout.

Earlier, employers had to take up a survey for employees to know about the feedback. However, nowadays, several companies are using technology to extract information from the employees’ emails, chats, and comments in a webcast in order to understand what they are talking about and what they feel about the entire work culture.

The company also found that employees are fine only with the workplace-related communication getting extracted by the technology but when it comes to personal information, that’s when they become uncomfortable and uneasy.

The survey also found out that 45 percent of Gen Z and millennial workers were okay with it but only 37 percent of Gen X workers and 29 percent of Boomers agreed to that approach. It means younger workers were comfortable with the idea but the older employees were not really interested in the approach of their bosses glancing at their communication strategies.

Well, we found this survey to be more of an unethical effect. Any communication between two professionals that takes place need not be shown to their senior bosses unless the employees before communicating are aware that such a thing is going to happen. Yeah, that’s how we respect even the feelings, viewpoints, and emotions of employees.

Just because employees are given work and they work under a company doesn’t mean the company can violate their privacy and ask to display their interactions online with the company just so that they can get some insights to improve their business performance. Well, why does technology need such insights when there are expert human resource professionals who can actually understand the responses of human employees from the feedback forms? 

Certain initiatives lack common sense and we really think that companies should adopt human-friendly approaches rather than technology-based approaches if they really want long-lasting and talented employee strength. What do you think about the same? Share your views with us.

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