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Role of technology in the future of education

We live in the technology era. Whether we like it or not, but we need to accept to adapt and adopt technology for our future betterment. Yes, there are pros and cons of using technology but as a student, our life will now revolve around using of different digital devices to manage our academics. If you are a parent who is reading this, then understand that children need to learn to use technology in the most productive way possible for their own future.

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The future of education and work is going to be dependent on the usage of technology. There are different types of technologies evolving on a regular basis and children need to be equipped to know how to use them and get their work done. Excess of anything is not good. However, not knowing anything is also unfair to the children’s growth.

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In terms of jobs, there are going to be many professions that will need different types of technologies to be used on a daily basis to work productively in the top organizations. One cannot be left behind and that’s why children need to start from now onwards. They would have to make presentations and write stuff on a word document in a few minutes’ time because the job demands them to be quick. That time, we need not feel sorry for not having learned to use the technology.

Thus, IT as a subject needs to be considered seriously and we need to help children get adapted to learning online, attending video calls, expressing their thoughts on a digital medium. We cannot run away from the fact that these coronavirus pandemic times have made us transition from doing everything physically to getting things done online. Our online world is waiting for us and the more we are flexible to learn and adapt, the better for one and all.

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