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Your life should be inspiring to yourself

Life is such a small word with four letters. But it has so much depth when we delve deeper into it. We feel very special about our birthdays because we are proud and happy to have got a life as someone in someone’s family and to be working as someone in someone’s company. But is there more beyond having an identity of being a wife or husband or an employee or parent? 

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Well, yes if you have an interest in the subject of philosophy then you will understand how our lives are interconnected with everything happening around and inside us, and yet we are only a small point on this whole huge planet. How do we distinguish this extreme reality of ours when we understand we matter a lot to someone yet we are nothing in this world just a soul. 

Like we spend our whole life building a house, making some savings, maintaining our relationships and yet when we near death phase, we feel as if whatever we have got in this life cannot be taken with us after our lives. Isn’t that funny and true as well? We become so disappointed when someone hurts our ego and pride and yet when we are leaving this world, aren’t we all going to the same God who gave life to us on this planet?

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Strange but these facts are hard to digest when we obsess our material possessions and forget the humanity in the process. We are so engrossed in our definition of life that what is the actual reality is not something we are aware of. We have got this life and it should be inspiring for us, if not for others. How many times have you celebrated your small wins? How many times have you appreciated someone’s small support or help for getting your day done? Think about these things and get an answer. Are we really meant to only get that degree or that net worth to become inspiring to others? Or just being happy with whatever we have is itself an inspiring journey for us? Think about it!

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