What is a Milestone?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Milestone?


Milestone is an important point in development. For example, earning a graduate degree from a university is considered to be a milestone in many people’s lives. A milestone also means a new chapter in one’s life. It is a significant stage or event in one’s life. Milestone is also used for the progress, and development of a person, country, company, life’s different events, etc. For example, Radha getting a job as a clerk in an automobile company was considered a milestone by her father because he was resting assured that Radha can manage her life on her own from then onwards.

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Milestone is also used when one gets a breakthrough in their career or life. Milestone is also used when a person celebrates his birthday of higher age, an anniversary of many years, and a landmark. Nowadays in social media times, the milestone is also referred to the number of followers and fans one has on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, among others.

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For example, when a celebrity achieved 100 million followers on Instagram, she thanked her fans and followers for her constant support and love towards her posts. The celebrity was very happy to celebrate the milestone and thus, organized a live party on Insta wherein her fans and followers got a chance to see their favorite star cutting a cake for celebrating their presence in her life.

When Vishnu’s website crossed 1 lakh viewers on a daily basis, he celebrated that milestone by throwing a surprise party for his employees, friends, and well-wishers. Vishnu was spellbound by achieving the milestone of the website viewership and thus, he got a chance to approach more advertisers and investors, thereby improving his company’s revenue. Vishnu also gave surprise gifts to his employees and encouraged them to work really hard so that new milestones can be achieved in the long run.

When Chandran completed 80 years of life, he called all his relatives and friends to celebrate the milestone of his 80th birth anniversary. He organized a sacred ritual of Ayush Homam and also gave gifts to all the people present to grace the religious occasion. Chandran received positive vibes from people around him to live longer and celebrate more such occasions in the long run.

Milestones are thus major forms of achievement and they can be at any stage in life. For example, when Mohan was scoring really poor marks in mathematics, he kept a goal to study hard and get more marks. When Mohan’s marks started improving from 50/100 to 70/100 to 80/100 in mathematics papers, he considered that to have achieved a milestone in his academics. He used the same studying skills to also improve his grades in other subjects.

In order to celebrate the milestone, one has to keep monitoring progress or development in one particular sphere all the time. If one doesn’t know what was the past results, he cannot understand the difference between the present progress and future goals, which forms the basis of a milestone.

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