How to keep a progress report to succeed in your career

EducationHow to keep a progress report to succeed in your career


Success is not just a term but a journey that leads us to a fixed destination. We write our own success stories and also make a note of the failures that come our way to reach where we wanted to achieve. Not many times have we tasted real success unless we put efforts day in and day out to reach there. When Sahana was asked by her parents what she wanted to do after her graduation, she instantly replied that she wants to pursue an MBA. Her parents were taken aback because they really didn’t have the funds to enroll Sahana in a good college. 

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However, Sahana was quite firm and she said that she doesn’t need their financial support as she plans to do an MBA from a distance-learning mode that will not cost them much. She will take up a job simultaneously so that she makes a living as well. Her parents grew fond of Sahana because she made the right decision for a middle-class family lifestyle. But Sahana’s efforts were not helping her do what she wanted as she was often getting distracted by her relatives who would come to her home with horoscopes or details of potential grooms for her.

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Sahana decided to create a progress journal and a progress report that she shared with her father after 3 months often. So, when Sahana got enrolled herself for MBA and also got a remote working job as a freelancer, she noted down the experiences that she was getting in her job and academics. She would mention the date, time taken for the project, lessons learned from the project, and what changes she wants to do so that she could perform well in the next quarter. The progress journal was quite interesting to read for her mother who also was once passionate about her studies and work. Her father would objectively read her progress report that would also mention the financials taken for achieving the goals.

Her father also saw how Sahana took a small loan from her friend to get the books for her MBA so that she could fare well in her assignments and projects. Sahana also mentioned how she repaid the loan by taking up more gig work during the weekends and holidays when she had nothing to study in her academics. This attitude of Sahana to do her work the way she could without taking her parents’ help impressed her father who shared that he sees a bright future for her.

The progress Report Sample shared below is only for reference purposes and you can modify it as per your profession and the things that you want to highlight the most:




Things achieved in:

Week 1-

Week 2-

Week 3-

Week 4-

Things got missed to achieve and reasons:

Actions for missed goals:

Remarks: (You can mention what approach you changed in this section)

Next month’s goals in pointers:

Support system needed for the next goals:

Change in strategy if required and how often:

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