How to design a recession-proof professional life

EducationHow to design a recession-proof professional life


Professional life in modern times is quite challenging. After all, we live in the recession times that also come with inflation, prospective war-like situations in foreign nations, and layoff possibilities due to bad sales, among others. So, here we share with you some tips on how you can design a stable professional life in these unprecedented times.

Know how to kickstart your career in the modern era

1) Update your CV and LinkedIn profile:

You can check out the internet for the latest trends in writing a resume and cover letter. HR Recruiters receive hundreds of emails every week from people looking out for a job. If you really want your CV to stand out from the rest and get noticed, then you need to put in those efforts. If you are unable to write a CV on your own, you can consult a career counselor who can help you to present the facts and vital information about your profession in your CV. You can also join short-term courses on LinkedIn profiling and also keep your social media networks updated. This will help you to keep in touch with your prospective bosses in new organizations or even connect with the ones with whom you want to establish professional relations.

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2) Learn new skills and keep yourself upgraded:

If you really want to make a mark in your new organization, then ensure to keep yourself updated with the latest skills. Skills and competencies for dealing with the new world challenges are quite important to be learned by professionals. Because companies are always on the lookout to understand how to increase sales and stay updated with the market situations. If your budget is too tight, then you can opt for free or short-term courses’ online learning platforms. You can enroll in such courses and get to know how the new world of work is coming up with the latest challenges and problems and how one can be a part of the problem-solving process.

3) Prioritize your present life above your current job:

If your job is too taxing for you and also makes things worse for you to have a work-life balance, then learn to prioritize your life. You can put up a list of tasks that are quite important to be completed in your personal life. It can be making new relations or caring for the existing relations, among others. It can be a complete health check-up that you haven’t done for a year or so. It can be even looking after your kids’ academic report cards and helping them get better tuition. Once you prioritize your life – your physical and mental health, then you will see better results in your life, thus helping you get noticed also among new bosses.

Addressing the need to secure yourself professionally and financially will help you to come out of the worrying trend of having a stable job. Amid the budget cuts and lay-offs, starting the job search in a low-key manner will help you to really have a strong grip over your career and not get lost in the wavering journey.

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