How to create stability in your career

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A well-stable career is what everyone dreams of these days. After how even the top companies started the fire-and-hire policy, it has become evident the need of having a well-stable job. But if you are working in a company that doesn’t provide you with enough security and stability in your career, then you need to plan your next move. Also, if your company is good but you don’t have a fixed mindset to carry on with your job in the given company, then you need to again do some planning. After all, no one wants to live with a person, including the immediate family members, who don’t come home with a big smile on their face after they complete the jobs in the office. 

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Here are some ways how you can promote stability in your present job or career:

1) Brainstorm ideas with your manager:

Your team leader or manager will be the best person to know what you are capable of in your job or career. It is because they keep a tab on what you perform, how you work, and which project interests you the most. If your manager agrees with your idea of a job role that is also available within the organization, then nothing like it. But if your ideas are coming out in terms of roles and jobs that you can manage are not in alignment with your current job description then you have to do a lot of work to get another job in the industry at the earliest. Even if the company you are working for is a good one and quite reputed too, but what you are working as a job is not in pace with your abilities and talents, then you are simply wasting your youth years. 

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2) Consult a Career Coach:

If you take your resume and make a call to a well-known Career Coach, you will get better ideas on which job role you can eye for and where. You will also get the needed career clarity on what job suits you the most and why. When the Career Coach helps you in building your portfolio, make sure to have answers to each and everything that he or she tells you. For example, if the Career Coach tells you that you are not at the right place, then be curious to know why and how you can come out of your present job to look for “stability” in your profession.

3) Don’t be settled with job titles or salary packages:

Many times employees get attracted to salary packages that are on the higher side to settle down on a job role that they are least interested in. Yes, there are family responsibilities and even a reputation that you need to build for yourself in society, but that doesn’t mean you work at a place or do a job that you are not passionate about. Instead, go for a job role where you can see the growth and development path in your career so that the next time whenever some questions you about your job stability, you are confident about it.

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