How not to mess up with your competitor at work

EducationHow not to mess up with your competitor at work


Working with a competitor in the same workplace is quite challenging at times. Especially if your competitor is from the same team and you both are eyeing the same promotion that is due for the best deserving candidate at your workplace. Things can get messy when a competitor colleague challenges us in every conversation that we have in front of our boss at the weekly meetings. Moreover, if the competitor’s colleague has a higher degree than yours, it is natural to feel envy and jealousy from within. Here is how you can stop the hate game between you and your competitor at work.

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1) Put your guns down after a while:

It is quite natural to argue and prove your point in every conversation that you have with your competitor at work. But at times, if things go too much in your head like the new work targets or sales dropping suddenly and your boss expects you both to collaborate and give your best. In such situations, just put your guns down and work like normal colleagues. Probably you both are quite knowledgeable and competent for the next promotion at work and that’s why your boss might be wanting you both to come together to assist him. Don’t mess things with your boss who has the right to fire you both if you bring up petty arguments with him while working together.

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2) Start small changes:

Greetings like Good morning and Good night, messages like getting back to work, you were good in that project, thanks for the help are some of the ways to mend the broken relationship with your competitor. Do not insult him or her during break time with other colleagues. Also, do not spread rumors about your competitor to others because it will show others how much you are jealous of him or her. You must be professional in your attitude and also be open to helping your competitor out if he is stuck with something. Don’t ruin his name or the project he is working on, just to get the added advantage in your competition,

3) It is okay to accept your mistakes:

At times we err when we work with a competitor. We would naturally get distracted by our competitor’s talents and skills which will also make us do more mistakes at work. Instead of putting the blame on your competitor, it is better to accept your mistakes and sincerely apologize to your competitor. Even if he laughs at you or increases his ego size, that’s okay. You won’t become small just because you apologized but you will be remembered for your kind act definitely when your competitor will come to you with his achievements and assistance.

Finally, learn to appreciate your competitor for whoever he or she is. It is quite natural for other colleagues at work to spread rumors about you both to each other and create more differences between you both just because you are competing against each other. You can stop the hate game by complementing your competitor whenever he deserves the appreciation.

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