What is Follow-up?

Concept of the DayWhat is Follow-up?


Follow-up is to pursue or find something further. Follow-up is like re-examining something again. Follow-up is also used in work arrangements wherein a job applicant follows up with the recruiter or employer after the interview process. Follow-up is done at work through email or phone calls to check out if the job opportunity is still available for the applicant to join the company.

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Follow-up is done during the treatment processes as well. For example, when a patient was admitted to the hospital for surgery, he was asked by the doctor to do a follow-up once every month to re-examine his treatment further. Follow-up is also done by friends when they are asked to report to a college event together. For example, Rohit and Ajay called each other every night to prepare for the quiz event that their teacher asked them to participate together to represent their college. Rohit and Ajay also followed up by sending WhatsApp messages to each other to reach the venue on time. They also showed how team spirit won by following up with each other and taking care of each other’s needs during the college event.

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Follow-up is also used in research. When a student prepared a proposal to submit to the teacher, he followed up with the teacher after the submission to know if the project’s title and details mentioned in the proposal were worth going ahead with the research. Follow-up term is also used for work purposes. For example, when Latha wrote 100 articles for a publication and sent them to them via email. She followed up with the content editor of the publication once every month to know the publishing date of her articles.

Follow-up is very essential in today’s times because people usually forget things more than at any other time. There are many distractions these days and people live in the speed age. People consume a lot of information and have a lot of things to do that make them forget and not remember things exactly as they had once said or done. Thus, follow-up between two or more parties helps get the work done at the right time at the right place, and in the right way. 

For example, when a person was expecting cash payment from his client, he wrote a mail to his client with reminders to follow-up about the payment process. The client was dealing with many freelancers and thus, completely forgot about this person’s payment. It was after several months that the person was paid because his follow-up lacked the frequency to remind the client on a regular basis.

Follow-up need not be harshly written or rudely spoken if things are getting delayed. For example, if you have called an electrician to report to your home by the day end to solve an electrical issue and he doesn’t turn up even after two days. You don’t have to be harsh in your speech or call him 20-30 times in a single day to remind him about his pending work. You can be gentle and remind him once or twice by mail, message, Whatsapp, and call and if still he doesn’t revert, you can search for another one.

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