What to do just a day before air travel

TravelWhat to do just a day before air travel


Air travel is quite comfortable and quicker than road and rail travel. That’s one of the reasons people these days are opting to travel by air rather than other modes of transport. If you are going to travel to another state within India and have a morning flight the next day, here are some simple tips for you to check out:

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1) Get your boarding pass online:

Nowadays air travel companies make it simpler for travelers to get their boarding passes and web check-in done a few days in advance of their travel date. You can simply enter your flight details, booking reference number, name, date of birth, mobile number, etc., and get your boarding pass and web check-in done online a day in advance. Make sure to have its soft copy in your email, WhatsApp mobile, and also a hard copy of the same for your last-minute reference.

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2) Check out the weight of your cabin bags and luggage:

Some flights have restrictions with regard to how much weight you can carry in your hand luggage and how much can be put through your luggage on the flight. Make sure to have a weight machine at home and get the luggage checked beforehand so that you don’t have to keep removing your stuff once you are there in the airport in front of other passengers. You can read the travel instructions and pack accordingly for how many days you are going rather than taking one and everything in your handbag and luggage.

3) Keep nothing to do for the last minute:

You have to pack your bags in advance and use the last day to just apply stickers on the bag with your name and mobile number. Don’t wait till the last minute to dry up your clothes so that you can insert them in your bag. It is quite panicky at times if you are a new traveler by flight. You don’t want to end up reaching the airport late, so just ensure that things are quite packed and you just are locking them up with a lock and key to keep with you.

4) Don’t push things for others:

If others are new flight travelers, don’t panic them by saying unnecessary things about what to pack and whatnot! Yes, you can read out the travel instructions and also encourage them to not carry any liquid items in the cabin bags. Because there are times when cabin bags if checked and found with eatables or something that is liquid by nature are asked to be kept out and not carried on the flight. So, be careful while you instruct others to get things ready. Encourage your other family members to keep their chargers, and technological equipment in separate bags so that they can put that for scanning separately while the cabin baggage checking is done.

Last but not the least, inform your neighbor about your flight travel dates and timings so that they can assist you when you leave the home the next day. Help them to care for your home in your absence and don’t get involved in any heated conversations with them at the last moment.

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