125-Year-Old School in Lucknow is teaching A for Arjuna, B for Balram, C for Chanakya

Education125-Year-Old School in Lucknow is teaching A for Arjuna, B for Balram,...


Giving due importance to Indian history, A school in Lucknow is teaching the students alphabet with a twist and acquainting kids with Indian heroes from previous eras. In Uttar Pradesh’s Aminabad Inter College, A is not an apple anymore but stands for Arjuna.

With the profound idea of transmitting historical and mythological knowledge to its students from the English alphabet, this Lucknow college has redone ABCD and has denoted each and every alphabet to either a mystical or a historical figure from Hindu mythology.

The new version of ABCD created by the college has A is for Arjuna, B for Balaram, C for Chanakya, D for Dhruva, E for Eklavya, F stands for Four Vedas, G for Gayatri, H for Hanuman, I for Indra, and so on.

Throwing light on this noble and unique initiative, Saheb Lal Mishra, Principal of the Lucknow-based college shared that the students lack awareness and knowledge about our rich and vast Indian culture, so we decided to bring this change to enhance their knowledge.

The alphabet chart created has important names from the Indian history for the students to set example as role models.

The school is run by Nagar Nigam and was set-up in 1897. It is located in the capital Lucknow and is 125 years old.

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