What is Unwavering Support?

Concept of the DayWhat is Unwavering Support?


Unwavering support means backing or supporting someone in a consistent and strong way. Unwavering means not changing often and being steady. An example of unwavering support is of parents when they support their children no matter how harshly they behave with them. When Tina entered her teenage, she started disrespecting her parents for being too overprotective towards her. Her peer pressure to try different things in life came in the way of her parents’ constant pressure to mold her in a protected environment. Unable to bear the opposites of life, Tina one day asked her parents why don’t stop telling her what she needs to do in her life.

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Tina’s parents weren’t shocked because they were expecting such a change in Tina’s behavior considering she is a teenager now. However, after going out to parties with her friends and scoring poor grades in her exams, Tina realized that such a free culture was not a way of life and she had to take her career seriously. Tina apologized to her parents who didn’t scold her or taunt her. But instead, they told her that she has their unwavering support and that no matter how badly she behaved with them, they have always thought good and will always be there to meet all her needs and demands.

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Another example of unwavering support is of a manager towards his employees. When the employees started feeling stressed due to the excess workload, they started complaining to their manager that the workplace is becoming toxic. When their demands were unmet, they went to the boss and complained to them against the manager saying that he doesn’t know to work and allocate the tasks. However, the boss was surprised because the manager worked late night hours to complete the tasks that the employees left back because they couldn’t handle the pressure. 

When the employees got to know the fact and confronted the manager, he shared that he always wanted his employees to enjoy a work-life balance and he never meant to give them any work stress. He always wanted to give them unwavering support in progressing in their careers no matter how dire the situations at the workplace became. This helped the employees know their manager well and thus, they gave their 100% to the work so that all the targets were met on time without anyone having to sit late at night.

Another example is a wife who always gives unwavering support to her husband. A wife works day and night to keep the house and family going. But this the husband may fail to notice because all it matters to him is his career and reputation in society. When the husband started scolding his wife for putting on weight and neglecting her children to pursue her gig project, the wife became really sad because her husband failed to notice all the other stuff that she was doing to ensure everything turned out well. Despite constant criticism from her husband, the wife continued to support him without any conditions, and eventually, the husband realized his mistakes when he lost his job. His wife stood firm with him and he got another job through her strong support system.

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