Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Make Diwali the time to ON the Lights of your life

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Make Diwali the time to ON the Lights...


Diwali is really a special festival for people living in India. You will find everyone celebrating the festive period of Diwali in their own unique way. Some people think that preparing sweets and savories at home, serving their family members complete meals, dressing ethnically, and decorating their homes are ideal ways of celebrating Diwali. While some people think that going out with family members or friends and checking out how Diwali celebrations are hosted in and around is a way of observing the festival. Whereas, there are others who think just relaxing and doing nothing during the holidays are the ways to celebrate the festival.

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Whichever way you think is right, just do it to mark the beautiful occasion of Diwali. If you read mythological stories, you will realize that there is this saying that is common at all levels. “Good always wins over evil”. This quote is common across all mythological and ancient stories that keep promoting the fact to do good deeds alone because if you do wrong or walk the bad path, your life is going to be doomed for sure. So, this Diwali, let us pledge ourselves to burn the negative side of us from within.

No Diwali sweets for pets, here’s why

We all get jealous and hold grudges at some point in our lives. Be it our school or college classmates who really look good than us or score excellent marks over us, we have the tendency to get a bit jealous and also feel upset when we are compared with them. Same way, when it comes to helping people at the workplace, we don’t do it wholeheartedly because we feel holding grudges is the right thing to do. “Tit for Tat” becomes our way of life when we had played the victim card by being naive and innocent.

Thinking about the past and not focusing on the future makes us live life in limbo. We keep rehashing the same old stories wherein we have tolerated some nasty remarks that made us feel threatened at one point of time in our lives. So, when we think negatively, it obviously means we become bitter and hard-hearted. We don’t feel like living on good terms and that’s when an intervention from a doctor comes when we get diagnosed with physical illnesses.

That’s why it is said that we should do everything in balance in our lives. Diwali reminds everyone that although there is a lot of darkness outside where the world at times seems scary and frightening, there is always a ray of hope of light that will help us to live in happiness and peace. We want things to move ahead in our life without our own contribution to make things better. So, let us ON the lights from within while we lit up the diyas outside our homes. Let us see the things that are better than focusing on things that always need improvement. When we kill the demon inside us, that’s when will we be able to enjoy the divine inside us. Think about it!

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