What is Effective Listening?

Concept of the DayWhat is Effective Listening?


Effective Listening, also known as Active Listening is one of the integral components of business communication. In fact, proper listening is one of the vital skills one must have anyway and anyhow. How well a person listens to what is being said shows a huge impact on their job efficiency and also the kind of relationship that they share with others. For example, a person listens to other(s) to get information, understands the opinions and perspectives of others, learn from what is being imparted to him and her, and even enjoys the process.

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Everyone thinks to be an effective communicator, he needs to speak well. But in reality, he needs to be a good listener to communicate well with others. If you listen well, the majority of the problems in your work life will be resolved. There are public speaking courses offered out there to make you express your verbal communication well but there have to be enough courses on listening skills as well so that what we talk to others is based on efficiently being listened to and heard by others. Most of the time, when employees talk to their boss or boss talks to their employees, or even when two people talk to each other, 25-50 % of their conversations are forgotten or misinterpreted leading to major confusion during stressful times.

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Active listening helps to understand the whole message that is being presented to you by the other person and it even helps you get the needed direction to improve your work productivity, become a better human being, solve your problems, make you an influencer, and a good convincer for others. This will let you get rid of the majority of the conflicting situations and misunderstandings that become a hurdle while on your way to achieving success at the workplace or in real life.

Active listening is when the listener not just interprets the words that is being shared with him by the other person but also the intentions behind the message that is being said or spoken. In order to be an effective listener, you need to pay complete attention to the speaker. You should not allow yourself to get distracted by other people or things that are happening around you and the speaker. You need to keep your points to yourself and allow the speaker to complete what he wants to say so that you can present your doubts and queries after the information is shared completely with you. If you think you are getting bored and it is only the speaker and you in the conversation, then take a small break and come back again so that you can focus on what the speaker is saying.

You just don’t have to listen to what is being shared with you but also acknowledge it through your body language and speech which can be in the form of yes or hmm or nodding your head. This doesn’t mean you are agreeing with the person who is speaking instead, it conveys to the speaker that you are attentive. You can share your counterarguments once the speaker finishes off his speech or conversation.

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